Appendix No. 1 to the Decree No. 1421/11 of the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk dated October 13, 2011.

concerning the use of the urban wireless GdańskWiFi network.

§1. Definitions

  1. GdańskWiFi – computer network with wireless access and connection to the Internet, rendered available by the Municipal Office throughout the city of Gdańsk.
  2. User – person using the GdańskWiFi network.
  3. Office – Municipal Office in Gdańsk with registered office at ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12.
  4. Terminal – User’s device connected to the GdańskWiFi network (notebook, netbook, cellular phone, etc.)
  5. Hot Spot – place where devices offering wireless access to the GdańskWiFi network have been installed.

§2. Scope and objective

  1. The Office renders available the GdańskWiFi network to the Users for the purpose of using local administration’s electronic information services and the Internet on the following terms and conditions:
    1. the GdańskWiFi services are rendered on a non-commercial basis and free-of-charge, exclusively within the range of the Hot Spots,
    2. the GdańskWiFi network is an open-access wireless network,
    3. the GdańskWiFi works in the IEEE 802.11™ frequency band.
  2. The Office offers a technical support service to the GdańskWiFi Users, available within specific hours by phone or through e-mail, within the scope limited to:
    1. technical issues associated with the use of the GdańskWiFi network through commonly used types of hardware and software,
    2. the method of accessing the GdańskWiFi network,
    3. participation in the costs of providing the service, excluding the connection fee.

§3. Limitations

  1. Access to the GdańskWiFi network is limited in terms of range, time and technical parameters of the connection.
  2. The Office reserves the right to:
    1. limit the connection time, the bit rate, the amount of data being transferred and other transmission parameters,
    2. limit and block access to selected content and services on the Internet,
    3. keep track of and oversee information or data for the purpose of ensuing security of and administering the GdańskWiFi network.

§4. Exclusion of liability

  1. The Office, its employees, co-workers and all other entities performing work on its behalf are in no way liable for:
    1. the technical conditions prevailing in the GdańskWiFi network as well as for delays in the Internet network, which may have an impact on the actual transfer rate to and from the Terminal,
    2. unauthorized use of software or other works constituting the subject matter of protection of intellectual property content available in the Internet,
    3. losses caused by the software possessed by the Users,
    4. data collected or distributed by the User,
    5. losses which may be borne by the User in connection with the use of the GdańskWiFi network, in particular, for:
      1. damage to IT equipment, destruction of software and data, breach of personal data,
      2. delays in receiving or sending data, caused by lack of transmission, incorrect transmission, delays or interruptions in access to the GdańskWiFi network,
      3. all other losses arisen in connection with the use of the GdańskWiFi network.
  2. 2. The Office does not guarantee:
    1. continuous radio signal coverage in the Hot Spot areas,
    2. continuous bandwidth of the connection and its other parameters,
    3. uninterrupted, correct operation of the GdańskWiFi network,
    4. availability of all network, application and Internet services.

§5. Liability of the User

  1. The GdańskWiFi network is used at the exclusive risk and liability of the User.
  2. The User uses the GdańskWiFi network provided that he has familiarized himself with and accepts the provisions of these Regulations.
  3. The User is not allowed to use the GdańskWiFi network to pursue any activities which violate the current law, in particular:
    1. to render available and download from the Internet: materials protected by copyrights (software, films, music, etc.), pornographic, racist, Nazi content, etc.,
    2. distribute and render available any content which might violate anyone’s personal rights,
    3. distribute advertising materials not ordered by the recipients (so-called spam),
    4. spread computer viruses and other applications which may damage the software or data of other Internet users,
    5. gain unauthorized access to IT resources being in possession of other Internet users,
    6. breach the security measures protecting the GdańskWiFi network,
  4. The User is not allowed to use the GdańskWiFi network:
    1. to launch service servers on the Terminal,
    2. for commercial purposes without the Office’s knowledge and consent,
    3. to undertake any other activities which may be considered to be dangerous to the operation of the GdańskWiFi network,
    4. to render the connection to the Internet available to other entities through teletechnical devices such as Access Point, router, etc.
  5. Should the User not abide by the provisions of these Regulations and should he use the GdańskWiFi network inconsistently with its purpose, the Office has the right to block the Terminal’s access to the network.
  6. The User is obliged to take due measures to protect the Terminal against unauthorized access and other hazards posing a threat to the IT security (for instance, viruses, spam, etc.)
  7. The User bears exclusive liability for the way in which he uses the GdańskWiFi network, including for the tenor and content of the information being sent, taking into account criminal liability for illegal actions.

§6. General provisions

  1. Any matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the Civil code.
  2. The Office publishes the list of the Hot Spot areas on the website www.gdanskwifi.pl.
  3. All amendments hereto become binding the moment they are published on the website www.gdanskwifi.pl.
  4. Changes in the technical parameters of the GdańskWiFi network do not cause any changes to these Regulations and do not need to be published.
    1. The Office reserves the right to amend these Regulations.
    2. The User is not entitled to any claims ensuing from such amendments.
    3. These Regulations come into effect on October 20, 2011.

Symbols on the GDAŃSKWIFI platform mean:

device status: active / not active

number of connected users

the amount of data sent/receive
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